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Windsor, ON Thursday December 5th, 2013 at 3:37 PM

Is frustrated and having a hard time explaining to my children why Santa doesn't bring them iPod, iPad, ugg boots, or the latest in video game technology but he brings it to all their friends.I wish parents would take into consideration on who their gifts are from! Those big expensive gifts should be from mommy and daddy and the average toys and gifts should be from Santa! It has made me feel terrible, they ask "have I not been good enough" "Santa doesn't like me" but they have been good and 9X outta 10 better then most of the spoiled children out there! I would have an easier time explaining to them that yes so and so got those gifts from their parents cause they can afford them and we just aren't able to right now but to explain to them that Santa bought their friends those gifts and not them! I think parents need to aware of who gives what for Christmas! Save the affordable gifts for Santa and the big gifts from family!
Signed a mother who isn't ready to speak the truth of Santa to her kids but feels she might have to......

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